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At Niagara Tying Service, we have the ability to shirr and process fibrous casings as well as plastic casings, converting exactly to the customer's specifications. All finished orders are customized and tested to ensure that the finished goods are of the highest quality.

The range of sizes for shirred casings vary from 55mm up to, and including 290mm lay flat width. We maximize the amount of feet per finished strand with the capability of shirring 425 feet into 1 strand, contingent on the customer's horn size and finished stick length.

As an additional option, propylene glycol, a mold inhibitor used in the moisturization of the material, may be used per the customer's request.

Below is a list of mandrel sizes that we can use to fit your shirring needs:



Niagara Tying

String Tying

We have the ability to string tie fibrous casings with a lay-flat size from 2" to 6 1/2" and ranging in lengths from 10" to 75". In addition, there are other types of string tying available. We can crimp tie, safety tie or do a registration cut and tie. Also, vent holes can be done upon request. The pattern of the vent holes can be 1 hole to 6 holes.

String Tying Loops

We offer either cotton or nylon loops, with a stay open style, with no twisting after soaking or stuffing for easy loading onto cooking racks. We have a 3 3/4" loop, which makes it easier to load and handle the product. The standard color of the 3 3/4" loop is a natural blend. Special colors can be ordered upon request.


Niagara Tying


We have the capability to cut any size casing or bag ranging from 10" to 72". Cut pieces can be further converted or packaged to meet customer requirements. We can also cut registered print casings.


Niagara Tying


We can convert all types of materials including plastic, fibrous, and cellulose casings and netting. In addition, we can clip various types of bags including barrier, HSF, nylon, high temp and low temp bags. Lay-flat sizes range from 2" to 18" with lengths from 12" to 72".


Niagara Tying

Vents Holes

Drilled vent holes may be added for either capped or clipped casings. Upon request, the customer may have an unlimited amount of vent holes added to the product.


Niagara Tying


We can cap either fibrous or cellulose casings ranging in layflat sizes from 4/5 to 14 and lengths from 10" to 72".


All loops for capped casings come in standard sizes in either nylon or cotton. The nylon loop sizes are 2" to 5". Cotton loop sizes that we offer are: 3" and 4". We also have a variety of loop colors available upon request. Both the nylon and cotton loops are on hand at all times. Special order loops either for length or color must be ordered in advance. The loops available for clipped casings/bags come one size only: 4" nylon.


Niagara Tying

Pre-Sticking and Pre-Moisturizing

We are able to convert all types of artificial casings. The presticking ranges from ultra fine to coarse with all sizes in between. The lay-flat sizes are from 4/5 to 14. With our moisturizing, we are able to produce weight gains from 10% to 50% for ready to fill products. Upon request, we use a mold inhibitor and a moisture barrier bag that is heat sealed for the least amount of moisture loss.


Niagara Tying


Our sewing capabilities include merrow side seams and we are able to cut round bottoms before sewing on all sides of fibrous casings.


Niagara Tying


For material that is not converted in-house, we are able to offer affordable, fixed-cost warehousing in any one of our three warehousing facilities. Materials stored there will be kept in conditions identical to manufacturer's specifications.


To learn more about us, our services and to request a conversion sample at no cost, please give us a call.

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