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History - Albert J. Baratto was born into the sausage industry. Growing up under the tutelage of his father, who owned the Cortina Brand Sausage Company, Albert developed a keen interest in the methods and process of sausage making, particularly methods of closure and stuffing. Albert realized that a machine that could place a metal cap at one end of an artificial casing, so the casing could be stuffed with various products, such as bologna, hams, salami and capicolla, could substantially increase efficiency. The Tipper Tie Corporation designed that machine, and on September 1, 1964, Albert J. Baratto and his future wife Antoinette M. Fennie founded Niagara Tying Service, Incorporated.

In 1964, there were approximately 27 tying services throughout the United States. By 1974, there were only 15. Today, there is only one - Niagara Tying Service. NTS offers a full line of conversions, not only to meat packers, but also to other segments of the food industry. In 1998, NTS purchased all parts and assets of Tipper Tie's capping machines and capping equipment to continue offering capping as a primary option closure to artificial casings.

Along with capping, NTS offers an impressive range of first closures to the food and packaging industry: shirring, clipping, string tying, cutting, sewing, looping, presticking, and moisturizing.

Niagara Tying
Niagara Tying

About Us - Niagara Tying Service's headquarters is located in the Buffalo Industrial Park at 176 Dingens St. Buffalo, New York. What started in 1993 as a 10,000 square-foot facility has, after four expansions, grown to an impressive 66,000 square-feet - 7 times the original square footage - consisting of a production room, where the newest shirring equipment allows NTS to offer shirring from 55mm to 400mm widths with lengths up to 425 feet, and three separate warehouses with state-of-the-art storage equipment. At present, our workforce of skilled employees with many years of experience, operate 41 machines in two, eight hour shifts all overseen by the principle owner Laura Reyda, and managers Patrick Riley, and John Quigley.

After several years as an elementary teacher, Mr. Baratto’s youngest daughter Laura Reyda joined her father in 2004. Laura works closely with the two plant managers and shares in all aspects of production, quality, sales, and marketing. Our two managers Patrick Riley and John Quigley have at present, 25 and 20 years’ experience. Patrick Riley started working at Niagara Tying at fifteen years old and continued through high school and college. He is in charge of all areas of conversion outside of shirring. John Quigley started at Niagara Tying at 20 years of age. John has a background in accounting, and is the sole manager in charge of all aspects of shirring. Jody Oun has been our office manager for over six years and she deals with all aspects of customer service and scheduling.



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